tony yarber jackson ms

Since April of 2014, I have been honored to serve as your Mayor, and it is my humble desire to continue in that capacity. Over the course of my term in office, our City has pushed onward and upward while mitigating, and in some cases, eliminating a plethora of obstacles. Whether it was misinformation, poor business practices, or growing financial burdens; the City of Jackson has risen to the test. Every goal we have set has not been accomplished and while there are still major issues that we must face as a community, REAL PROGRESS is happening throughout our City. That progress, most importantly, is occurring the correct way. Without shortcuts, without excuses, and yes, without fanfare.

Commitment That Yields Results

Our commitment to doing work the right way, not the popular way, still stands today. Many doubted our ability to successfully conquer the unresolved obstacles that existed before and came about during this administration. Obstacles such as issues with our JATRAN transit services, escalating crime statistics, a state of emergency for the condition of our infrastructure, water billing system failures that produced estimated bills, lead leeching into water service lines entering older homes, immense budgetary constraints, furloughing employees versus laying them off, and even a proposed Airport Takeover. Although we have had to endure the hardships of these obstacles, we are moving onward and upward.

JATRAN revenue has seen an uptick over the course of the last six months and is trending to meet its budgeted revenue numbers for the first time in many years. Crime statistics show that for the third continuous year, Jackson has seen a decrease in major crimes. Infrastructure projects are occurring in every ward and over 99 (ninety-nine) streets have been slated for repaving by the end of 2017. Water billing system fixes have been put in place and normal bills are being produced. Further resources have been set aside to assist citizens with water bill issues and complaints. Leeching treatments have been upgraded at all city water facilities. Budgetary issues have been bottled and long-term solutions have been put in place. These solutions will result in the release of the furlough on employees which prevented the city from laying off hundreds of working citizens.

REAL Progress, REAL Momentum

Family, we are working. We are moving. We are growing. We are performing. We are building. We are pushing forward, but we need your assistance. Check out this link to a selection of major accomplishments that have occurred over the course of this administration. Spread the word about Jackson’s progress. Be a part of our transformation. Support the campaign to continue our momentum!