tony yarber jackson ms

Infrastructure Improvement is still a major issue in Jackson, Mississippi. When this administration came into office, we had the tough task of dealing with years of neglected infrastructure throughout this great city. In our few short years, we’ve stay committed to our promise of addressing our decaying infrastructure the RIGHT way. For the first time in decades, we’ve made your roads, bridges, drainage and water lines a priority. In the last year, alone, we’ve paved some 70 streets. We’re now working on those streets that you drive along every day – to work, school, and play.

A Plan For Infrastructure Improvement

For the first time EVER, Jackson has a comprehensive Infrastructure Master Plan that gives us the framework to make strategic repairs around our city. With the creation of that plan, we’ve been able to do exactly what you’ve asked us to do with our 1% sales tax funds – improve Jackson’s infrastructure. We have nearly 30 projects that are underway or coming on line to take care of potholed streets, neighborhood flooding, and worn-out bridges. To check on the status of those projects take a look out our Capital Projects Explorer.

Funding Infrastructure Improvement

We also knew the $14 million generated each year by the 1% sales tax would not be enough to fix all of Jackson’s infrastructure problems. So, we started the process of leveraging those 1% sales tax funds to bring in more money. This administration has successfully obtained millions of dollars from outside agencies to cover some infrastructure repairs throughout our city. Why? Because we made a commitment to not just be politically expedient in throwing down asphalt, but to fix our city’s infrastructure intentionally with integrity and transparency.

Infrastructure Improvement Momentum

We understand the infrastructure needs of this city better than any other candidate because we have formed a plan to address those needs. Projects have been started in areas that have not seen work in decades. We have started that work in just a short time in office, and we would love to continue pushing that work forward. Let’s keep the momentum moving throughout our city. Let’s band together to produce meaningful progression for generations to come.