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Public safety remains a key priority for Jacksonians. In our short time in office, we’ve implemented strategies and policies that have led to decreases in major crimes and the accreditation of the Jackson Police Department for the FIRST time ever in its existence.

Decreases In Crime

For the last two years, major crime has decreased by double digits throughout Jackson. Let’s be clear. Major crimes include burglaries, robberies, car thefts, rapes, etc. That means that more than 3,000 fewer crimes are happening on our streets today than when this administration took office. In fact, when we took office, our crime rate was increasing. Our police department has not only been able to lower crime rates, but they have also been able to bring criminals to justice. The Jackson Police Department can proudly boast a 90% closure rate for all major crime cases. This means that although we may not be able to prevent every crime, we will ensure that those who have committed crimes pay the price.  The accomplishments of our police department placed them in a position to be recognized and accredited for the FIRST time since their formation.  We look forward to continue the work that is happening within our police department and digging deeper to end criminal activity in our city.

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